Tutti Frutti Orange & Strawberry – Cosmetics I Fell in Love with for the Mind-Blowing Scent

What makes us buy a particular beauty product?

I often read that women pay attention to the price, ingredients, naturalness… It is not true… From my experience, I know that the aroma is the most important! What do you do after reaching for a shampoo of hand lotion? You check how it smells. If you had a cosmetic that smells really bad, would you give it a try? I’m sure you wouldn’t. Summing up, the scent matters most.

This must have been the reason why I fell in love with Tutti Frutti products. They’ve introduced the fruity madness into my beauty care. I take a morning shower, reach for a gel smelling of strawberries or exotic mangoes and instantly move to the most beautiful fruit gardens. I’m lost for words… There are few cosmetics that amaze me with the fragrance so much I feel like eating them.

The hottest fragrance Tutti Frutti range offers Orange&Strawberry, Pineapple&Coconut, Pear&Cranberry, Cherry&Currant, Blackberry&Raspberry, Peach&Mango, Papaya&Tamarillo, Lichee&Rambutan. Each range includes body wash and care products in different versions. They have one thing in common – a truly low price!

I’ll write a few words about my favorites that I will never split up with 🙂


The online description says this combination is sensational. To me, it’s a refreshing sweetness. The orange gives a citrus, fresh aroma. Strawberry introduces sweet and summer-like fragrance notes. This Tutti Frutti product simply puts me in a great mood. I love that the aroma lingers on long hours after the shower. The series includes:

  • Tutti Frutti Orange & Strawberry Bath and Shower Oil is my beloved one in the series. It’s a bi-phase product. Apart from a mouth-watering scent, it has another benefit – leaves a fluffy, light mousse on the skin. The oil effectively purifies, refreshes and repairs the skin, making it smooth and velvety soft.
  • Tutti Frutti Orange & Strawberry Refreshing Body Lotion is the product I apply next. It is lightweight and smells wonderful so I love to use it after a bath. The lotion doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Instead, it nourishes, moisturises, softens and smooths the skin thanks to shea butter and hyaluronic acid.
  • Tutti Frutti Orange & Strawberry Moisturising Sugar Scrub is designed for the regular use with longer breaks. It contains sugar crystals that exfoliate dead cells, cleanse the skin and add softness. At the same time, Tutti Frutti Scrub gives the right hydration due to the moisturising complex.

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