Stress vs skin – How to relax and look more beautiful than ever?


One factor with a highly negative effect on the skin is stress. If it’s long-lasting, it can cause damage to the entire organism and your skin. If you wish for your life to go on peacefully, check what can help you relax and exit stressful situations unbothered.

Eat healthily

Include vegetables and fruits into your diet. Did you know that some of them hold anti-stress properties? Among many are celery, walnuts, eggs, potatoes, oranges, and currants. Your mood can be impacted also by the dark chocolate containing large amounts of magnesium. It is an element known to improve the central nervous system so consider it’s intake with food or as a supplement.

Avoid alcohol

One glass of wine hasn’t harmed anyone yet. However, if you party hard, then alcohol will blast your organism. It causes dehydration which in the future translates into wrinkles, dry and dull skin. What is more, alcohol washes out vitamins and minerals responsible for proper organism functioning.

Try a bath with natural oils

There is nothing more relaxing and warming up than a warm bath with a hint of aromatic oils. It is treatment best before sleep, which, by the way, should take around 8 hours. Remember to choose oils that can, in fact, help you relax and fall asleep faster.

A sound mind in a sound body

Exercising helps you relieve all the bad energy while delivering more oxygen and releasing endorphins. Exercises are also great to burn any excess fat, reduce cellulite and improve general condition.

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