Straightening Brush vs Flat Iron. Which One I Recommend?

If you have curly hair, you want it straight. If your hair is straight, you dream of curls. The truth as old as the world. It’s also true about me so that’s why I want to compare: FLAT IRON VS STRAIGHTENING BRUSH. Which one is better?

I’ve always had voluminous, wavy hair that resists styling treatments. I’ve been fighting for a good-looking hairdo for years. Sometimes I’m fed up and feel like cutting my hair off and be bald like Britney Spears in the past. On the other hand, despite the troublesome styling, I really love having long hair.

Why straight, not curly?

There’s no clear answer. I feel good with straight and silky smooth hairdo. It doesn’t look flat or weighed down because I have quite thick hair. When I decide on curls, I feel like there’s too much happening on my head. Curls are beautiful when you know how to tame them. I think styling my curls would be problematic.

Oils & Straight Hair

Before comparing a flat iron and straightening brush, I’ll tell you a few words about oils. They helped me take care of my hairdo and repair it after long years of damaging it with a straightener. Natural oils smooth my hair, make the straightening routine easier and provide heat protection (essential when you treat hair to the iron).

Flat Iron vs Straightening Brush – Comparison


A flat iron (+) offers a wider range of temperatures; more heat reaches the hair because strands are between the hot plates. A straightening brush (-) has lower temps and has weaker straightening power because the heat is distributed in a completely different way.


Again… the flat iron (+) wins because it is able to straighten even thick and curly hair. Straightening brushes work for fine and slightly wavy hair to smooth its surface.


In case of safety, a straightening brush (+) is a favourite; hair doesn’t have a direct contact with ceramic elements that heat up to high temps. In this way, hair is protected against dryness and burnt ends. A traditional flat iron (-) is dangerous for our hairdos.


A straightening brush (+) doesn’t leave crease marks that are characteristic for the flat iron (-). It makes hair very smooth and lightweight. On the other hand, if the brush has no ionic function, it triggers static.

Summary. Straightening brush or flat iron?

Even though they have less power, I’m a fan of straightening brushes. I’ve got one with the ionic option so it leaves my hair perfectly smooth, shiny and straight. Strands are soft and look the way I like. The brush is far safer for my hairdo.

In my opinion a straightening brush is ideal for fine hair that needs smoothing and straightening effect achieved in a safe and easy way. 

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