Should you use natural cosmetics?

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Natural cosmetics are the main trend right now and undoubtedly those have plenty of advantages. Would you like to change your beauty routine and put your faith in Mother Nature’s hands? Allow me to guide you as I do so for years now!

Not every time the skin problems are a direct result of your genes. Sometimes the fault is in an incorrect beauty routine. Perhaps your skin takes poorly the chemical substances and you should switch up the things a bit? The bad condition of the skin can be the reason for the change in skincare habits.

What does it mean that a cosmetic is natural?

The companies such as Soil Association, Nature, or Cosmetic Organic Standard are the ones to decide whether the given cosmetic is natural or not. If 95% of the ingredients in the cosmetic are natural and obtained due to filtration, drying, or distillation, etc. then it is suitable for the title. It happens that in the composition are synthetic components. If those are there it’s because their presence is justified.

How do natural cosmetics are made?

Natural cosmetics are obtained with physical methods as mentioned above, that is filtration, drying, distillation, or pressing, but also with enzymatic or microbiological methods. The ingredients may be of mineral, plant, or animal. Cosmetics of this type do not contain any harmful substances.

Are natural cosmetics the way to gain beautiful skin?

All the natural cosmetics are created to protect our skin. Most of them provide mostly advantages. However, it doesn’t mean that natural cosmetics trigger no allergies. Not always given ingredient has the right impact on the skin. Nonetheless, the risk of allergy is lower than for chemical cosmetics.

The cosmetics in question are also substances that can effectively help your skin in the fight against imperfections. Besides, those are not used just in the cosmetology! You can come across them also in the medicine.

How to choose natural cosmetics?

Reading the ingredients list on those cosmetics can sometimes be proven more difficult than we anticipate it. We do not know which substances to avoid and how to recognize the best ones for us. If you read the composition and are not able to verify whether the product is good or not, you should make some digging on the Internet or use special apps.

Pay attention to the certificates. The organizations that study the cosmetics issue special certificates that inform us of the fact whether the cosmetic is natural. However, for the sake of marketing often those certificates have little to do with the cosmetics composition. Therefore, it is always good to verify this fact.

The fact that some cosmetic does not have the certificate does not mean that it’s all that bad. It often happens that such cosmetic has a very good composition. The fact occurs because so that those organizations issue such a certificate, it’s not cheap.

You shouldn’t focus on the length of the composition. We tend to think that the longer the ingredients list the worse the cosmetic is. In the meantime, this composition may enumerate the lengthy list of beneficial components.

Make sure you know the expiry date for the cosmetic because the characteristic thing for natural cosmetics is that those have a short period of time in which can be used.

The order in which the ingredients are enumerated is very important!

Difficult name = chemical compound? Usually, yes. It often happens that the more difficult name is to pronounce the more synthetic the ingredient is.

Don’t forget about reading the labels and verifying the certificates. Plant-based and ecological formulas may be the decisive factor in the beneficial impact on our skin. Be careful not to get fooled.

It’s worth switching up your habits and to take better care of yourself!

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