Shiatsu – Healthful Massage for Every Woman

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There’s no better healing and relaxing treatment than Shiatsu massage. It comes from Japan where people use it to fight various pains, diseases and muscle pressures. The best thing is you can do the massage at home. How? Read in my post.

Shiatsu – a bit of history

Shiatsu is a type of acupressure. The name of the treatment consists of two words – ‘shi’ (finger) and ‘atsu’ (pressure). It can be translated as massage with fingers. According to Shiatsu, life energy (ki) flows through trails (meridians) in the human body. If the energy circulates smoothly, you’re healthy. If it’s disturbed, you’re bothered by sore muscles, inflammation and weak immune system. You must unblock meridians and enhance ‘ki’ flow to prevent the ailments.

What are Shiatsu massage benefits?

Pressuring meridians heals your body. That is why, Shiatsu:

  • makes you feel relaxed;
  • eases pain;
  • increases manipulation of joints;
  • reduces stress;
  • facilitates the flow of blood, lymph and other body fluids;
  • enhances nervous system;
  • delivers oxygen to tissues;
  • strengthens internal organs.

How to perform Shiatsu?

If you have problems with the nervous system, massage your feet. Press the middle parts of feet with your thumbs for about three minutes. The best massage to do away with a headache? Massaging 12 points located in threes on the sides of the head, at the back of the head and above the forehead. Press each point four times for two seconds. If you caught a cold and have a sore throat, massage eight points on your neck for several seconds. Insomnia? Pressure the area between the eyebrows for a minute to soothe nerves and sleep all night. If you deal with stomach ailments, massage five points located right under breasts and on the top of your belly.

You must give Shiatsu a try!

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