Sheet mask – the most common mistakes that weaken its action

Do you like to have a lazy day with a book and a face mask from time to time? To me, it’s a weekly ritual, which I have to perform because it provides me with a moment of relaxation and has a beneficial impact on my skin.

I mostly use sheet masks, i.e. in form of moist with nourishing serum cotton (bamboo or some other) piece of material that perfectly matches shape and size of the face. However, I must admit something, for quite a long time I was sceptical about it. Today, I know that sheet mask has its undeniable advantages:

  •  fast application (just place the cloth on the face),
  •  no dripping or messing everything (the sheet is soaked with a perfect amount of serum),
  •  easy to remove (no need to wash it down or peel off),
  •  maximum effectiveness (deep and immediate action),
  •  matches various skin problems (everyone can find an option for themselves).

How to correctly use sheet mask?

It is extremely important and I decided to talk about it in the today’s post. As it turns out, we often do not know how to handle product like this. For the reminder, the wrong method of use is the most common cause for weak results. So, no whining about the “weak effects” after the sheet mask. It is time to learn its correct use!

The most common mistakes in sheet mask application:

  •  Insufficiently cleansed skin — before use of sheet mask necessary is to perform thorough make-up removal, to get rid of excess sebum and to open skin pores (helpful may be a treatment called “steam bath”), because even very minor pollution can limit access to nourishing ingredients to deeper skin layers and weaken the sheet mask action.
  •  Sloppy application — sheet mask should be applied precisely and should adhere to every inch of a face, no air bubbles, so that skin has possibility to absorb all the nutrients.
  •  Washing your face after removing the sheet mask — you shouldn’t wash your face neither with water nor cleansing gel, right after removing the sheet mask because then you wash down all the nourishing ingredients which are way better to massage into skin and leave to absorb.
  •  Not sticking to the application time — remember that keeping the mask for too short or too long is not good so it is important to control application time. It is of great significance that sheet mask is not dry because then the dry cloth will absorb the moisture from the skin instead of improving the hydration (which is our target after all).

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