Pearls, silk, gold and other exclusive cosmetic constituents that I’ve had a chance to try

Luckily, exclusive cosmetic constituents – pearls, silk, gold, caviar or diamonds – are no longer accessible for the elites only. Today even regular mortals – just like me – can use them if they only feel like doing so. Prestige isn’t their only asset because such ingredients are highly recognized for their powerful appearance improving abilities that include rejuvenation and shine boost, for example. How do pearl, silk, gold, caviar and diamonds work when introduced into a cosmetic formula? I’ll be more than happy to tell you that.

The use of pearls in cosmetics

Pearls are mainly made from amino acids (including alanine, glycine, aspartic and glutamic acid and serine) and mineral salts (including calcium, magnesium, sodium and silicon). Amino acids nourish and moisturize skin as well as delay skin ageing processes. Minerals are responsible for soothing skin, balancing it and supplying it with water. When it comes to a pearl extract, this natural ingredient brightens up and smoothes out scars, reduces acne and stretch marks. Finally, pearl powder leaves skin radiant. Also, it’s known for being antibacterial.

Beauty products enriched with pearls are universal and have multitasking powers. Just look:

  • pearl creams and balms are perfect for dry and delicate skin
  • women in their twenties and thirties appreciate freshwater pearls for their remarkable rejuvenating abilities; they are able to increase metabolic rate and delay skin ageing processes
  • white and black sea pearl extracts make the mature skin cells more active, which is good news for women in their forties

The use of silk in cosmetics

Silkmoth thread seems to be flimsy, yet it’s proven to be three times stronger than iron! There is no other natural fiber that would be as resistant to stretching as silkmoth thread. Silk is made of proteins, and to be more precise from sericin and fibroin that contain as much as eighteen amino acids. Each one of them resembles human skin’s structure, therefore it’s so easy for them to penetrate the dermis to keep it resilient and supple. Consequently, this leads to delayed wrinkle appearance. Moreover, silk proteins have the capability of locking moisture in epidermis and owing to having a different electrostatic charge than skin, a cosmetic with silk adheres to skin incredibly well and smoothes it out.

Actually, this is the exact same way silk proteins affect hair: they envelop each hair shaft with a protective coat which makes hair smooth and provides protection from losing water. Silk shampoos and conditioners bring back shine to dull and dehydrated hair, and improve its resilience. When it comes to body creams and balms with silk, they take good care of dry, rough and resilience-deprived skin. Actually, such products are even able to help soothe extremely sensitive (hyper-reactive) skin.

The use of gold in cosmetics

Gold is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, therefore it has been used (and still is) for medicinal purposes for really long. The idea of making use of gold to improve appearance has been implemented into beauty industry fairly recently. Why does cosmetologists and dermatologists decided to give gold a try? Gold ions penetrate skin easily and when inside, they activate the processes responsible for increasing hydration levels. Apart from that, they are carriers for active substances that derive from herbs, for example. Consequently, skin becomes better nourished and more resilient, its texture is even. Moreover, beauty products containing gold stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis which is why they slow down skin ageing and reduce the existing wrinkles. Finally, gold is able to highlight discolorations because it’s able to block melanin production. And now something that I truly adore: golden dust illuminates face and leaves skin incredibly radiant.

Cosmetics with gold will do good to mature, allergy-prone, weak or extremely dehydrated skin, even if the dehydration is caused by excessive sunbathing.

The use of caviar in cosmetics

Caviar contains many unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids that are responsible for fixing protective skin barrier, facilitate protein and enzyme penetration as well as improve skin’s ability to absorb vitamin A, which in turn stimulates epidermis to carry out its self-renewal processes. Additionally, caviar makes a rich source of phosphorus (nourishes skin), fosfolipidos (lock moisture in skin), micro elements such as zinc and iodine (regenerate skin), proteins (improve skin resilience) and vitamins A, D, E (fight back free radicals which means that they delay aging).

Creams, toners and balms enriched with caviar extracts are recommended to mature and young skin as well as to dry and tired skin.

The use of diamonds in cosmetics

Diamonds are the crystal form of carbon with incredibly symmetrical structure. This makes diamond an exceptionally durable and hard mineral that shines very brightly. The crystals contain many precious elements such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, borum, iron oxide and various forms of silica. In most cases, diamond is added to beautifying cosmetics, that is creams, balms and other products that are expected to bring back radiance to hair, skin and nails.

Do you use beauty products that contain exclusive ingredients? If so, are you satisfied with the effects? Perhaps you know some other substance that deserves to be labeled as exclusive?

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