Natural Sponges in Everyday Beauty Care Routine – Which One to Buy & How to Use?

I’m sure you’ve heard of natural sea sponges but the question is whether you’ve used them? Worth getting one? Why isn’t a regular, synthetic sponge enough? Why think of changes? After all, natural sea sponges are far more expensive. What’s so exceptional about them? Yeah, what’s inside? Let me explain the phenomenon of natural sea sponges.

Sea sponge – ‘fancy grandma’

Natural sea sponges for body wash aren’t the new invention. It turns out that the world has known and used it successfully in skin care for over 2000 years. Actually, what are the sea sponges? Well… I know I’m going to upset some of you: these aren’t plants. These are living multicellular organisms. Seas and oceans make up their natural environment. They leave there calmly, filtering salty water through the soft, spongy bodies. The most precious ones are found in the regions of Greece.

Natural sea sponges – handful of astonishing fun facts

  •  sea sponges can be found even 200 m below the sea level (yes, that deep)
  • they grow for several years, the oldest ones are 20 years old
  • there are over 5000 species of sea sponges yet only a few of them are suitable for cosmetic use
  • natural sea sponges are good for babies and kids – they are delicate and non-irritative, gently conditioning skin
  • sea sponges are 100% organic, biodegradable and natural
  • they were used at royal courts as a prestigious premium product 🙂 and thus often known as the gold of the sea
  • minerals are responsible for the color of a sponge and deliver excellent skin care
  • sea sponges are unusually highly absorbent; it is extraordinary that they absorb 50 times their weight (!)
  • qualified sponge divers catch sea sponges (this skill and knowledge are passed from generation to generation in many regions of the world)
  • to clean a sea sponge, they need to… stamp on it (!) – this process starts immediately after the catch on the boat: divers arrange sponges on the deck and walk on them to remove the algae and all impurities; it is followed by precise cleansing in a factory where a proper shape is given to them after drying

Natural sea sponge – high-end beauty care

Going back to the key thing – why is a sea sponge so effective in skin care and why it tops all other body sponges?

I guess many of you are slightly discouraged by its structure – a dry sea sponge is stiff and coarse; it changes in contact with water – it becomes soft and… simply spongy. Its structure and appearance affect its skin benefits – thanks to the characteristic structure, it slightly exfoliates skin, washes it and smoothes the epidermis. Sea sponges excellently stimulate blood flow, freeing the body of toxins. If you want to use a sea sponge – you can do it in two ways:

  1.  Apply your favourite shower gel on the sponge and simply use it like any other sponge for washing and smoothing skin.
  2. Use a damp sponge – in this way you do a brilliant body massage, improve blood flow and simultaneously deliver valuable sea elements contained in the sponge.

Therefore, a natural sea sponge is a wonderful, mineral-filled product which will surely enhance the looks of your skin. All you need to do is use it regularly for every shower or treat it like a massage and skin-detoxifying gadget. Of course a sea sponge is a bit more expensive than a traditional one. Still, the purchase pays off because it is going to last for a few years. In other words, it is much more economical than traditional sponges you must replace every or every other month.

Natural sea sponge – how to use it?

I can sum it up using just one word – GENTLY. If you want a sea sponge to serve you for several years, don’t wring it to avoid disturbing its structure. Also, remember that a sponge doesn’t like high temperatures – around 60 Celsius degrees is the maximum temp that the sponge ‘puts up with’. So, how to keep it clean? If you feel like it’s time for freshening the sponge up – simply soak it in water (warm, not hot) and a spoon of baking soda. Also a tea tree oil bath is amazing for refreshing the gadget. If the sponge has some ragged ridges – reach for scissors and gently cut them off: it will look brand new again.

What do you make of a sea sponge? Are you going to lean towards this natural skin care? Fancy taking the sea creature home? 🙂

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