My eyebrows fell in love with Nanobrow. What are the effects of the best eyebrow serum?

nanobrow serum

It may seem that growing your eyebrows is easy. However, basing on my own experience, I can say that this is definitely not easy peasy lemon squeezy. It is not enough to let them be and stop plucking to make the hairs thick and strong.

Do you know what your eyebrows need? I already know, I discovered it thanks to the eyebrow serum – Nanobrow! <3

If you want to check what my effects of regular use of this serum were and how Nanobrow changed my perception of daily care, read on. These is not an ordinary review of this product – this is a puff piece of Nanobrow.


You’re probably wondering why I decided to try something like eyebrow serum. This was my own decision and I am glad I made it.

As a matter of fact, not many women realize how important proper care is. We usually think that we have to accept our eyebrows as they are and if we don’t like how they look, we can try semi-permanent eyebrow make-up at most. However, there are other solutions that I want to tell you about. You can easily change the way your brows look. How?

Step 1 – care

Only healthy and well-groomed eyebrows are beautiful. We can nurture them in many ways, for example with natural oils. However, I recommend using ready-made eyebrow conditioner that care for those tiny hairs from the inside, embellishing them day by day.

Step 2 – shaping

If we used a good conditioner, it is highly likely that our eyebrows became thick and brushy. Now it’s time to give them proper shape. Pluck your eyebrows or visit a beauty parlour so that a technician can take care of your brows for you.

Step 3 – make-up

At the end, such beautifully shaped and well-groomed eyebrow should be emphasized with make-up. An eyebrow pencil and wax should be enough to slightly highlight a healthy-looking brow.

This is what I learned when I was trying to find a way to stop my eyebrows from falling out and thicken them. Then I also came across Nanobrow, in which me and my eyebrows fell in love.


It is a professional conditioner that regenerates and stimulates the growth of eyebrows, making them thick, strong and dark. It’s multifunctional – it also makes the hairs more elastic and shiny. In addition, it protects them from damage.

Nanobrow is a product for all those who have some issues with their thin, sparse, brittle and falling out eyebrows (just like I had with my eyebrows before the treatment). Are you one of them? Try it then!

The best ingredients

All these properties are the result of a perfectly combined composition, in which there is space for innovative ingredients that accelerate the growth and reinforce (i.e. arginine), for natural plant extracts (ginseng and baicalein, soy and wheat germ), and for ingredients that perfectly moisturize (pantothenol). The formula has been entirely tested, so you can safely use Nanobrow, even if you have sensitive skin.

Easy application

This is another advantage of this product. Nanobrow should be applied once a day, after removing make-up and just before the bedtime. It will quickly become your evening care ritual.

The conditioner has a very convenient applicator with which the application is quick and easy. The formula is instantly absorbed – just a few seconds after application.

How much does it cost? Where to order?

My package was delivered by courier. I ordered it on the official website- and I believe this is the best option. This way we make sure our product is original and will be effective. The product is delivered to our door quickly, cheaply and without any problems.

Now the price. Contrary to appearances, this is not a very expensive thing. Of course, I have seen cheaper eyebrow conditioners but their composition and action is a complete disaster. However, I know that there are much more expensive and less effective products. In my opinion the price of Nanobrow is just right.

Let me know what are your thought about Nanobrow.


21 Comments “My eyebrows fell in love with Nanobrow. What are the effects of the best eyebrow serum?”

  1. Marcellee

    Weeelll, now I know what my brows need. Nanobrow is what they need 😉

  2. annie-ann

    I don’t know if any of you finds it helpful but I used to not belive those things work. If it wasn’t for the fact that I got Nanobrow as a gift I wouldn’t buy it. Now I stand by it and Im a huge fan cause I know it works.

  3. 123

    What’s it do actually?

  4. Hi!

    I’m a first-timer here and I must say that your reviews are cool. Reliable, interesting, lots of information. It’s obvious that you are trustworthy 🙂

  5. Beast

    Nanobrow is great – darkens, makes brows thicker and makes small hairs to pop up in the areas where deficits were. NICE!

  6. Juno Te

    I know now what goes to my gift list for husband to draw inspiration from 😛

  7. Samantha

    Sure thing, there are those more pircy ones and less effective – Revitabrow is a great example…

  8. celine1986

    About month and a half ago I would say there’s no way for some serum to make brows more dense cause nothing worked for me. And yet. I’m stoked with how great the effects are and my brows are awesome!

  9. UN-saturated

    Fine, I’m in, I’m getting one 😀

  10. Love Bug

    Getting thick brows is easy when you have Nanobrow :))

  11. PatriceTimber

    Hey, great post! Had no idea there’s serum for brows. Trying nanobrow for sure, so thanks for the review!

  12. AnneMica

    Nanobrow worked for me in less than a month and let me tell ya my brows – disaster since always. Now are thick and have nice shape. No one can tell me buying brows serum is a waste of money. Nanobrow is the best, perfection, effect is why better than expected for sure.

  13. Justine_U

    Heard so much good stuff about it already that I think I’ll get one too, can I get it locally?

    • Lace

      Justine_U as far as I know only on the producer’s website but delivery is fast.

  14. HoneyBee

    effects superb, Nanobrow is affordable in my opinion, works amazing and fast. My review 10/10!

  15. Marie

    It has highest score from me too. My friend was tweezing brows so much throughout her life and she couldn’t make them grow back. Only after nanobrow she managed to grow them back!

  16. Innes

    Amazing review. i’ll try nanobrow for sure because I have same issue with brows. Permanent make-up is not for me. Great thing there is an alternative.

  17. Martha27

    I’m nanobrowholic too! Cheers!

  18. KittyKat

    It’s great, worth every penny. Great for regeneration of brows and to fill deficits.

  19. LucyBe

    I’m so happy I got accross your review, helped me make a difficult decision because I was just looking for the best serum for the brows. Have a nice day!

    • EmilyEmily

      I am happy I could be of help. Best regards!


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