My Daily Skin Care Routine for Happy, Glowing Face!

Daily routine is essential and brings us closer to flawless complexion, fabulous hair, dream figure, etc. The routine brings harmony into our life. That is why my skin care is based on some repeated actions. They are fundamental to keep my skin healthy. I’ll run through them and hopefully encourage you to create your own routine for better skin!

My Day-to-Day Skin Care Routine

Morning Face Cleansing

Do you cleanse your face in the morning? Believe it or not, it is necessary! While you are asleep, some uninvited guests appear: dust, oil, and dirt from your bed sheets to name a few.

I know some girls merely wipe the face with micellar water (or don’t even do that) and apply the skin care products… This way they keep all the dirt accumulating during the night on the skin. Awful! So… wash your face in the AM please.

Skin Toner

Toner shouldn’t be downplayed and replaced with micellar water! This is a truly important product which balances the pH and guarantees better absorption of active ingredients. If you don’t want to bother yourself with tons of cotton rounds, don’t worry. The toner makers thought about it and created spray toners and flower waters. Their conditioning effect is spectacular while the application takes you a second!

Antioxidants for Skin

Free radicals, smog, toxins, dust… our skin has a hard life. That is why we need to protect it against the damaging factors such as oxidative stress which makes the aging process run on all cylinders. Free radicals congest the skin, cause inflammation, uneven skin tone and wrinkles at an alarming speed. You can hold them back by using a good-quality moisturizer or serum (vitamin C or A for example).

In normal conditions the skin would protect itself from free radicals but, let’s face it, we don’t live in a healthy environment. The number of free radicals is growing so antioxidants are essential (vitamins, A, C, E, flavonoids, carotene).

Sun Protection

Free radicals aren’t the only one to attack the skin. The solar radiation reaches our skin even in the winter. It is destructive, causing irreversible damage to the cells and leading to the changes inside of skin and blemishes on its surface. We need to secure the complexion. Modern SPF creams aren’t thick, heavy and comedogenic – they nourish and beautify the skin, plus some of them give an amazing matte finish.

Evening Cleansing Routine

Thankfully, most girls put their mind to evening skin care routine. Bedtime face cleansing isn’t merely about removing make-up with micellar water. You need a gentle gel or foam cleanser, for example Phlov Foam. You can also try OCM. I’m not in a hurry before bedtime so I use an oil cleansing method and massage the face while cleansing it with oils. This really helps keep the complexion healthy and spot-free.

Do you have a skincare routine? Let me know what it involves!

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