Mineral cosmetics. Why are they so good?

Hello Girls,

I bet, most of you have at least one mineral cosmetic in your make-up bags. Mine store a lot of such products. My favourite brand is Annabelle Minerals. Make-up done with the use of these products looks brilliant! If you want to learn the advantages of mineral cosmetics, keep reading the following entry.

Why mineral cosmetics are so good?

Mineral cosmetics are pure nature. You won’t find there any artificial substances, parabens, colourants and fragrances. If your skin is sensitive or allergy-prone, you can use such cosmetics without hesitation; they won’t have any negative impact on your face. In fact, the reaction you are going to notice will be completely opposite. To clarify, mineral cosmetics know how to condition and heal up complexion. How are they created? They are made of minerals which undergo various non-chemical purification processes. After that, the minerals are finely grinded down. When it comes to the quality of a particular product, it is determined by the proportions in which minerals are combined and their origins. Basically, mineral cosmetics are recommended for people with problematic skin. Of course, those who value living in harmony with nature also favour this type of cosmetics.

Advantages of mineral cosmetics

If you want to use only high quality mineral cosmetics, pay attention to a few important issues. First and foremost, a product has to come from the certified sources; the material shall undergo dermatological tests as well. Secondly, a decent mineral cosmetic contains neither parabens nor preservatives. What it contains are substances of soothing and anti-inflammatory features. Moreover, good mineral cosmetics include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which deliver sun protection.

Is application of mineral cosmetics difficult?

Unfortunately, at the beginning you might find use of such product slightly troublesome but I’m sure you’ll learn how to do it the right way fast. If I was to suggest something, I would recommend making the use of brushes made of synthetic bristle. They are good at distributing mineral cosmetics without leaving any smudges nor strange markings on face. Mineral cosmetics should be applied to moisturised and cleansed face. It’s best if the first layer is very thin. However, if you look for better coverage, apply a few extra layers.

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