How to take care of hair? The myths in the way of proper care


Still very much alive, pesty in everyday life and currently occupying thoughts of many of us. I talk about hair related myths. How to deal with them, what to believe and what is complete and utter nonsense? If you also have a problem with some wild stories you heard, then this post is for you. How to take care of the hair? Read on and all will become clear.

A hairdresser can conjure new hair follicles

Yeah, sure. The amount of hair follicles on your head does not depend on any hair treatment or cosmetic used. It is determined during fetal life just like other internal organs or eye color. The only thing you can actually do is stimulate existing bulbs to hair growth as well as strengthen, nourish and prevent excess hair fall out.

How to repair split ends?

Well, first take silicones serum and then… Oh, wait, that’s impossible. You can glue back up two pieces of paper or patch some hole up, but split ends you can only trim. It is the only option for the damaged hair. You’ll see that thanks to it, your hair will look way better. Also, remember that trimming your hair ends doesn’t make your hair grow faster.

What’s shorter won’t be longer

As I mentioned, trimming your hair will not make it grow faster. The pace at which hair grows depends on genetical predispositions and your lifestyle. Remember it once and for all that hair grows from hair bulbs. If you wish to make it grow faster, eat healthily and use appropriate cosmetics.

Cleanse vs greasy roots

If you think that use of intensively cleansing shampoos will solve your issue with greasy roots, you are highly mistaken. These products remove excess sebum but also damage the natural protective skin barrier. The result? Over-secretion of sebaceous glands is triggered in order to provide skin and hair with efficient protection. Hair becomes greasy again and you use that aggressively cleansing shampoo once more.

If hair fell out with a bulb, it won’t grow back

If that happened to be true, we would all be bald. Remember, hair has four growth stages. During the last phase hair falls out and in its place new is created along with a bulb. Obviously, hair growth depends on lifestyle, genes, and hormones.

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