How to take care of dry skin? My ways of dealing with dry skin

Dehydrated skin problem touches many of us. What’s the source of it? The causes can be various, and among them following an unbalanced diet, application of mismatching cosmetics or insufficient body hydration level. Being in a constant rush, working extra hours, having a spate of work and regularly failing to get enough sleep at night don’t aid your health, well-being and beauty. Due to lack of sleep and the overload of chores, you frequently forget about yourself and your needs. Your skin starts turning pale and matte, it’s gradually losing its suppleness. When you look at your reflection in the mirror, you spot dry skin patches and new fine lines. Your lips are chapped and, again, you can’t find the lip balm (you don’t have time to look for it either way…). Therefore, you reach for some cream, pat it and dash out. Without breakfast or even a glass of water. You eat some second-best food on your way to work, in a rush… You feel it? It’s high time you changed this! How to take care of dry skin? The answer is simple. Here are my ways of dealing with dry skin.

How to take care of dry skin?

Rehydration of dry skin

Do you notice the signs of dehydrated skin on your body? If you do, this means only one thing: you don’t drink enough water. I’m not talking about any water because the quality of this liquid also matters, therefore you should drink mainly mineral water. When our organism is well-hydrated, it becomes easier for blood to transport oxygen, and good oxygen supply translates into better skin nourishment. As a consequence, complexion restores healthy tone and the risk of pre-mature wrinkle appearance is significantly reduced.

Choose mineral water of alkaline pH (7,7-8,0) that facilitates non-invasive organism deacidifaction, supports physiologic functions of body organs and stimulates toxin removal. At the same time, consumption of this type of water maintains the acid base balance in organism. For that reason, try to drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

Feeding of dry skin

Now, when your skin got something to drink, it has to get something to eat. Your daily menu should include food products rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids which enhance the suppleness of dermis. The very products are cold-pressed oils or fatty fish. Additionally, the very food products contain vitamin E that has a beneficial influence on complexion.

Moreover, enrich your menu with fresh vegetables and fruit, especially carrot, spinach, kale, red pepper and melon. All of them contain beta-carotene which enhances skin pigmentation and prevents excessive epidermis keratinizing. For that very reason, your well-balanced diet can’t lack these very products.

If you drink a lot of coffee, it’d be better if you cut down on it. Try to limit your daily coffee consumption to one cup only. Replace the remaining cups with glasses of mineral water that will awaken you the same way coffee does and, additionally, will slake your thirst. Regular water consumption, so maintaining body hydration at the right level, works similarly to caffeine: it stimulates us to take up some action as well as help us maintain concentration and performance of duties.

Moisturisation of dry skin

If your skin has been rehydrated and fed then you should moisturise it. This effect will be delivered by cosmetics that match your skin type. It’s worth realising that different type of treatment is needed by dry combination skin, dry couperose skin and dry acne skin. In order to choose the right set of cosmetics, ask for advice your dermatologist that approaches each patients individually and administers appropriate cosmetic preparations. They have to be applied accordingly to the doctor’s instructions and long enough until they bring out the looked-for effect.

Not only cosmetics bought in a pharmacy can help you get your skin moisturised. You can also turn to regular conditioning cosmetics. Yet, use only the cosmetics which base ingredient is water. In this case, the best solution is reaching for thermal waters and flower waters (hydrolates) including rose water that displays moisturising, soothing and refreshing properties. All you have to do is wipe your face with a cotton pad damp with either cosmetic. Do it twice a day. This procedure will take you no more than a second and your skin condition will be improved considerably.

What are your methods of taking care of dry skin? I’m waiting for your pieces of advice!

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