How to Look Amazing Every Morning? Tips for Night Owls & Sleepyheads


Parties, working late at night, insomnia. Each of us deals with such situations. Result? Swollen eyelids, dark circles under eyes, pale skin. I’m sure you don’t want your boyfriend or friends see you looking this way. What can be done? The post will show you a few useful tricks for bringing back the beautiful looks.

Something for swollen face and eyes

Massage is the best way for getting rid of swellings. If you didn’t sleep well, the lymph settles around the eyes instead of circulating freely. As a result, so-called bags occur and worsen the condition of the skin. We look older, dowdy and tired. The massage will make the lymph flow down so the swellings will ease off. Massage the swollen parts of your face with fingers, moving from the middle. During the treatment, use a moisturising or soothing cream, chilled under-eye product or… a spoon that was in the fridge before the massage.

Under-Eye Shadows

Another result of a crazy all-night-long party. Such blemishes are most common among girls who have vascular, limp or sensitive skin. How do shadows and dark circles come into being? They are caused by poor blood flow. The massage will help – follow the instructions described above. Applying a caffeine-enriched cream is also a great solution; it will increase blood flow and reinforce blood vessels.


They appear when skin is dry, has been exposed to cigarette smoke or had too little time for the repair. Wrinkles also occur due to the lower level of collagen, elastin and other substances responsible for skin density and firmness. All you need to do is use a smoothing and strongly hydrating serum in the morning. You can try a collagen-enriched face mask and under-eye pads.

Gray & Pale Complexion

Sleep affects the skin shade. If you slept more than eight hours, you know your skin will have a nice color after waking up. What can you do when skin is pale and gray? Use brightening and moisturising masks. When you remove make-up, go for cosmetics that add radiance and make skin look fresh and rested. Choose highlighters and shimmering eyeshadow.

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