How to apply thermal nail wraps?

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The realm of manicure has welcomed a new stuff recently: thermal nail wraps. In my opinion, it’s really possible for them to replace gel and acrylic nails because these items are better in many aspects. Application doesn’t take long, manicure is highly durable and removing the wraps is child’s play. If you don’t believe me, just continue reading the post.

Thermal nail wraps set

Firstly, you’re going to buy thermal nail wraps on the Internet. Of course, there are plenty of various patterns and colours that begins with classic French nails, going through geometric shapes and funny images (fruit, animals, inscriptions) and finishing at mono-colour or decorated with doodling or elegant patterns foils. Moreover, apart from the thermal nail wraps themselves, it’s also worth buying a few gadgets to facilitate doing the manicure. Namely, these are a mini heater (you’re going to find out what it is precisely later in the article), a degreaser, a cuticle and nail oil, a nail buffer, a file and nail scissors.

How to apply thermal nail wraps?

When it comes to the nail plate, it has to be prepared in the exact way like when you apply regular manicure. You have to file and cut the nails, smooth their surface and remove the cuticles. The degreaser should be used to all the nails to remove sebum as well as impurities and the dust that accumulated after filing. If you leave the residues on the nails, it might impede attaching the wraps and weaken their grip.

It’s time to adjust the size of a sticker to the nail. How to do this? Just take the sheet and cut out the exact shape that will cover the entire nail plate. A single set contains 20 thermal hand and foot nail wraps. Put the cut-out wrap on and keep it under the mini heater for approximately 5 minutes. When the decoration becomes more plastic, you can try to attach it to the finger nail. Bear in mind to attach the wrap very precisely, to smooth the wrap so as to remove the air from between nails and the wrap. Otherwise, your manicure won’t look good and its hold won’t be as long as expected. Excess of the wrap, the one which goes beyond the nail plate, has to be either cut out or filed. So as to smooth the wrap, put the nail under the mini heater and use the foil that goes with the set.

How to remove thermal nail wraps?

Apply oil to the nail fold and pry the wrap away using a wooden cuticle pusher. Remove the residues of a glue using a regular nail polish remover. As the last step, I recommend you to use a vitamin conditioner so as to take care of your nails before another thermal nail wraps application. Important information is that neither applying nor removing the wraps is dangerous. The product was tested by dermatologists and is said not to trigger any irritations.

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