How to Apply Cleavage Make-Up? My Cosmetics & Skin Care

Hey, girls! 

Apart from hands, your neck and cleavage give your age away. You must take good care of the skin so your cleavage stays beautiful as long as possible. Moisturising and protecting cosmetics aren’t enough. Camouflaging, shaping and illuminating make-up is going to do the trick.

Why does cleavage age so quickly?

Lots of factors affect the cleavage skin condition, including the improper care and missing sun protection. UV radiation triggers wrinkles and discolorations whereas wrong products might damage the sensitive cleavage skin. Interestingly, a warm bath or shower can also worsen its condition. High temp weakens collagen bonds, which leads to the limp skin. The way we walk and sit also affects the neck and chest skin. Being stooped and round-shouldered makes the skin wrinkled.

Moisturise the cleavage skin

Before applying a moisturiser, gently exfoliate the skin. In this way you will smooth fine lines, tighten the skin and breasts and increase blood flow. Next, massage a lightweight lotion into the skin. The product should be free from clogging substances that could trigger acne breakouts and blackheads. Massage the skin during the application to lift the breasts and improve skin elasticity. Use circular motions, moving your hands towards the neck.

Cleavage make-up products

I guess each of you has heard about cleavage contouring. Do you know which products to use? Use illuminating foundations and concealers. Dark shades of powders and products come in useful. Apply minimal quantities; if you must cover vast pigmentation spots, apply a few coats.

How to apply the cleavage make-up?

If your cleavage skin tone is even, a bronzing and illuminating powder will do (also for breast contouring). Apply a bit of the powder between breasts and give it a rub. Camouflage discolorations with a coat of concealer or topically applied foundation. Don’t forget about a light-shade product to enhance collar bones and the upper part of breasts.

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