Face & Eye Makeup Removal. Are You Doing it Right?

Precise makeup removal is the first step in my nighttime routine. I hope it’s similar in your case. If not, it’s high time you changed it. Skipping the skin cleansing may lead to many ailments and imperfections. Acne is just one of them. How to take makeup off the right way? Learn with me!

Why it is so important to take makeup products off

Our skin attracts impurities day by day. Sebum, sweat, bacteria, dust, etc. gather on its surface. Result? Pores are clogged, skin is unable to function properly. Acne triggering bacteria settle on your face. Just think what’s going to happen when you apply makeup to skin that’s so dirty. That is also an easy path towards skin irritation, redness and swollen eyes. This is why removing makeup and cleansing matter so hugely.

How to remove face makeup?

To cleanse skin, use products right for your skin type e.g. gels, lotions, etc. Use lukewarm water for a face wash because hot water rinses protective layer off epidermis. Lotions are best for dry or normal skin, moisturising it. They won’t work for oily skin. Greasy skin prefers mousses and other lightweight products. How to use makeup removers? Apply a lotion with a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin. If you use a mousse or gel, mix it with water first and massage into skin; rinse out with lukewarm water.

Remember to use a toner to restore natural pH, nourish and moisturise skin after makeup removal. The toner prevents the feeling of tightness and protects from damaging external factors. Choosing the right product for skin type is the key thing. If you have extremely sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic toner comes in useful. Oily and sensitive skin benefits most from mattifying, brightening and moisturising products. Such a toner must be free of alcohol and other irritative substances.

How to remove eye makeup?

Eye is an extremely delicate organ. Not removing makeup before bedtime leads to irritation and – in extreme cases – serious diseases. Eye makeup removal is best done with lightweight formulas rich in moisturising and soothing ingredients. Also, remember to be very gentle: don’t rub the eyes, skin and eyelashes. So how to effectively remove the product from the eyelids? Apply a bit of the remover to a cotton pad, press it gently to skin, wait for several seconds so that makeup melts completely.

Removing makeup with water & soap – safe?

To be honest, it’s best to use products that are designed for this purpose. A water and soap duet will do more harm than good, causing redness, dryness, damaged natural protective barrier on skin. To make things worse, soap is alkaline – pH 8 – which is far too high. Acidic pH is much better for skin because skin pH equals 5.5. High pH disturbs the exfoliation of epidermis and makes skin extremely dry. Also, it makes acne bacteria proliferate.

Makeup Removal the Home Way – DIY Products

  • Yeast mask. Make it using 5 grams of fresh yeast that you mix with water to get smooth consistency. Apply the resulting product to face skin, let it sit in for around 10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it out with lukewarm water. The yeast mask soothes irritation, purifies and removes sebum excess.
  • Cucumber mask. I guess it’s one of the easiest products you can make at home without overspending. Simply cut a cucumber into thin slices and put them on your face. Make sure the cucumber doesn’t dry out – put on a damp gauze bandage or spray skin with a hydrosol from time to time. After 20 minutes, take the slices off – your skin will be fresh and lively-looking.
  • Pumpkin mask. Mix a half glass of mixed pumpkin with a half glass of plain yogurt. Put it aside for two hours. Rub the resulting lotion in face skin in the morning and evening; rinse out with water after each use. The mask leaves skin perfectly clean.

What are your ways to remove eye & face makeup? 

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