Don’t You Ever Do It To Your Skin! Excellent Facial Skin Care Routine

Hi, girls!

You don’t even realize how many beauty mistakes you make. If you don’t care for your skin the right way, you’ll see the results in the near future. Acne, wrinkles, irritations and other imperfections. Check the proper facial skin care routine.

Don’t sleep with makeup on!

It’s so unhygienic. Makeup stays on your bed sheets and smudges your pillow. Imagine your face after waking up. Mascara smudges, rubbed lipstick, foundation spots. To make things worse, sleeping with makeup on can lead to skin irritation and inflammation. Acne breakouts, blackheads and dry skin are only some of the consequences.

Poor makeup removal and lack of skin care

Lethal combination. If you don’t cleanse and moisturise your skin, you’ll soon notice blackheads, pimples and other unpleasant surprises. All you need to do is thoroughly remove makeup, apply a moisturiser before sleep, and do an exfoliating scrub and a face mask twice a week. You should also remember that your skin regenerates while you’re asleep. That’s why apply creams abounding in vitamins, micronutrients and other beneficial ingredients in the evenings.

Moisturise your skin

Providing skin with moisture matters a lot. Thanks to water and hydrating cosmetics, you’ll do away with wrinkles, pigmentation spots and dry skin cells. Moisturisers must be used every evening and for every skin type (even oily). Apart from suitable products, you should drink about 1.5 litres of water a day to take care of body from within.

Keep your makeup brushes clean & Check the shelf life of beauty products 

If you really want to avoid acne breakouts and irritations, you must clean makeup sponges and brushes regularly. Wash them with water and soap mixture, micellar water or other product designed for this purpose. Don’t dry them in the bathroom where there’s always moist air. Spreading them on a towel is enough. Using unexpired products is another crucial rule while striving for a healthy and beautiful face. If a cosmetic is long after the expiry date, throw it away immediately as it can harm your skin.

Leave your pimples alone!

Don’t pop pimples that are barely visible or are in the advanced stage indicating strong inflammation. If you do, you’ll surely get scars and discolourations. What’s more, when you pop pimples, you spread bacteria and irritate the skin around them. All you should do is apply a topical product to a pimple.

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