Bags under eyes? Get rid of them!


Party all night, working until late hours, not enough sleep? Those are just some of the causes of the puffy eyes. The swollen eyes can influence your general appearance so that you don’t look your best. It’s not a problem if you plan to spend the whole day at home under the blanket with a cup of hot tea 🙂 Worse when you have to go out or at any moment a friend can drop by. What to do then? Check how I fight under eyes bags.

Why do we get bags under eyes?

The swelling around your eyes, popularly called bags, is the result of lymph stasis in the subcutaneous tissues. The reasons can be:

  • genetic conditions;
  • age;
  • decrease in the tautness of the orbicular muscle;
  • bad diet;
  • cigarette and alcohol abuse;
  • sunbathing;
  • cardiovascular, kidney and thyroid diseases;
  • allergies;
  • water retention.

Treatments for under-eye bags

The simplest way is prevention. If you are able to locate the above-listed issues and manage to reduce them, the skin around your eyes will be smooth, firm and bright. Also, it’s good to air the bedroom out before bedtime, drink a glass of water and check where you put your head when you sleep (it should be placed slightly higher than the rest of the body). In the morning, was your face with cool water and apply some cream.

  1. Products
    Use light creams that cool, moisturise and improve circulation. Look for those containing vitamins C and K, caffeine, euphrasia and arnica. How to apply such cream? Use a fingertip to spread a small amount of it exactly where you feel the eye socket. Be careful not to press too hard as it can irritate the skin. A short massage or putting a cosmetic in the fridge for a while will work. Some products have metal massagers, which additionally cool the skin and reduce swelling faster.
  2. Cooling eye masks
    It’s also a good way to reduce the bags under the eyes. You can use cotton pads or a handkerchief for the compress. A chilled brew, in which you soak the compresses, may be made of green tea, chamomile, cucumber or aloe juice, and even potato paste. Instead of compresses and vegetable extracts, you can use ice cubes or chilled spoons. Make a short massage with ice cubes and place the spoon on the skin for a few minutes.
  3. Lymphatic drainage and facelift
    These two treatments are done by a beautician using professional equipment and products. Drainage improves the flow of lymph and blood, firms the skin and smooths wrinkles. Lifting, on the other hand, is based on the mesotherapy method, using hyaluronic acid, ruscus and vitamin C. Such a cocktail eliminates puffiness, improves lymph flow and nourishes the skin.
  4. Makeup
    This is probably the easiest and fastest method for bags under the eyes. Unfortunately, makeup does not solve the problem, it can only mask it. The most common way is to apply a highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes. A corrector a tone lighter than skin will also work well. All you need to do is put the cosmetic in a place where you can feel the eye socket and carefully rub it. Then apply primer and powder. There should be no trace of the bags.

So what are your ways to get rid of under-eyes bags? Leave a comment.

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