5 ways to use Beauty Blender


One of the many makeup accessories is the Beauty Blender. It has various shapes, sizes, and colors so every and each one of us can choose the one perfect for her. However, what is its practical use? This article allows you to learn a few ways to use this makeup gadget.

How to prepare Beauty Blender for makeup?

Before you go and use the sponge for makeup, soak it in cold water then squeeze the excess water out. Beauty Blender must be dump in order to spread cosmetics while preventing its excess absorption by the sponge. Then apply some of the cosmetic to your wrist and dip the sponge in it.

How to use the Beauty Blender? Using a gentle tapping motion, dot the foundation onto the skin where needed. Do not rub, do not use your fingers and do not use other techniques of makeup cosmetics application. If you wish to enhance coverage in the given spot, you just need to tap the area a few times using the sponge.

What are the possible uses for the Beauty Blender?

Beauty Blender can be used in a few different ways. Many of the makeup cosmetics can be applied with the sponge:

  • liquid highlighter – dip the sponge in a small amount of the product and administer to the cheekbones, corners of the eyes, over the brow ridge, on the eyelids, nose bridge and the tip of the chin;
  • blusher and bronzer – these two cosmetics are used for face contouring and the perfect line between one and the other can be achieved by the Beauty Blender’s pointy end. Then with the rounded end, you can blend the two products with the foundation and the skin;
  • concealer and eyeshadow base – the Beauty Blender is great for the application of the concealer and the base on to the face. You just need to use the pointy and round ends of the sponge;
  • cream – why use hands when you can use the Beauty Blender? What is more, the sponge does not absorb that much of the cosmetic so the entire thing is applied on the skin.

What can you do with wore down Beauty Blender?

Wore down applicator does not have to be necessarily thrown away. Beauty Blender is great for application of dark-colored lipstick. Thanks to it, the colors look more natural.

Secondly, you can use the sponge for the ombre effect on the nails. Cut it into small strips and each one dip in the nail polish. Then apply the product onto the nail plate while making a transition effect between the colors.

Thirdly, the Beauty Blender will remove white stains left by the deodorant. How? Dip the sponge in the water, squeeze out excess liquid and rub the stain.

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