Why Are Panthenol-Enriched Beauty Products So Effective?

Hi, girls!

The moment the summer is gone, I start taking vitamins. They bring incredible skin and hair benefits, help keep the young and beautiful looks and protect the body from diseases. Since my skin is very sensitive and my hair sometimes falls out in handfuls, I take vitamin B5 every day. I also use beauty products where vitamin B5 is known as panthenol.

Why take vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5 is crucial for our body, including the skin and hair. It contributes to the synthesis of some hormones, boosts wound healing and soothing of inflammation, enhances the process of freeing the energy, has a beneficial impact on the heart, blood, nervous and digestive systems. Most of all, it improves the skin pigmentation and the condition of hair. The deficiency of vitamin B5 can have serious consequences, including hair thinning, skin blemishes, cracking skin in eye and lip corners, the vulnerability to infections, premature graying and balding.

Beautiful hair and vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 – panthenol or pantothenic acid – occurs in our skin and hair. Due to poor durability, we must replenish it with supplements or ingredients of cosmetics. What are vitamin B5 hair benefits? It stimulates cells that are responsible for hair growth and thickness, delivers elasticity and resilience, increases the absorption of water and locks it inside hair stem. What’s more, vitamin B5 creates a protective and moisturising coat around each hair. It soothes irritation and regenerates the scalp. That’s why it is common in hair care products (shampoos and conditioners).

Panthenol-enriched beauty products

Panthenol is usually found in cosmetics for sensitive skin and kids and in products that aim at alleviating inflammation. It is included in ointments, after-shave gels and post-sun cosmetics. Moreover, panthenol enhances hair and nail repair, rebuilds the lipid barrier of the epidermis and shields against the external aggressors. Panthenol-enriched products are usually marked as hypo-allergenic.

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