Hey! Lipstick is a must, makeup finish touch. To me, it must be perfect not to spoil the effect. How to do it? In today’s post, I’m sharing a few tips and presenting a lipstick which is likely to be a saver for beginners. After all, it’s launched[…]

Hello everyone! Many girls would like their makeup to be both natural and mineral at the same time. The good news is that Mac Cosmetics can make your dreams come true. Try out Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder! What are the effects and how to use it on a daily[…]

La roche posay

Hello Girls! It can’t be denied, thermal spring waters and mists are my favourite cosmetics. I take them with me every time I go for a longer trip because they freshen up and moisturise my skin. Moreover, some of them fix make-up. What else does make me like[…]

Hello Girls! Autumn and winter in the world of manicure look really impressive. It’s going to be colourful, shiny and very originally. Those of you who don’t like intricate patterns and extravagant shades won’t rather find anything that might suit their taste. This season’s trends are going to[…]

Hello Girls! Frequently we use various terms connected with skin care. We confuse cosmetology with cosmetics and we add aesthetic medicine to unconsciously mix everything up. To spice up this issue even more, let me add another term, which is medical aesthetology. What do all the words mean?[…]

Moisturising cubes

Hello Girls! Do you know what you can use to replace a regular body balm? Homemade moisturising cubes can really work wonders when it comes to body care. If you are curious how these tiny cosmetics work, keep reading my today’s entry. Here, you’re going to find a[…]