Hey! Parties, working late at night, insomnia. Each of us deals with such situations. Result? Swollen eyelids, dark circles under eyes, pale skin. I’m sure you don’t want your boyfriend or friends see you looking this way. What can be done? The post will show you a few[…]

If you have curly hair, you want it straight. If your hair is straight, you dream of curls. The truth as old as the world. It’s also true about me so that’s why I want to compare: FLAT IRON VS STRAIGHTENING BRUSH. Which one is better? I’ve always[…]

Hello Girls! The realm of manicure has welcomed a new stuff recently: thermal nail wraps. In my opinion, it’s really possible for them to replace gel and acrylic nails because these items are better in many aspects. Application doesn’t take long, manicure is highly durable and removing the[…]

Hello Girls, Today’s entry is dedicated to all the Misses I-don’t-need-nobody who don’t trust the nail technicians’ skills. Let me show you how to collect the hybrid manicure kit. You’ll also learn what products to use to enjoy beautiful and durable manicure. Feel free to read my article.[…]

Hi, girls! Today, I’ll show you a few simple tricks for wavy and curly hair care. There will be no straightening or wearing odd updos. Instead, we are going to oil our hair, dry it with a cotton T-shirt, trim ends and do lots of other things. Hair[…]

Each of us has their own favourite fragrance. Obviously, we are led by our individual sensations that our nose enables us to feel. This never is (and shouldn’t be) an objective choice, unless this is some special edition of perfumes launched for charitable purpose. Anyway, this is a[…]