Skin moisturisation can have various forms. It’s obvious that you should drink a bottle of mineral water a day and hydrate your skin in all possible ways. It’s especially important during the summer because water has the tendency towards excessive evaporation form body. You need to know that[…]

Hello girls! For some unknown reason I’ve been coming across posts and passing remarks concerning the use of Mineral Oil (a.k.a. Petroleum). If I understand it correctly, many of you treat this product as an alternative to cosmetic oils and hair masks. Does it work that way? What[…]

DO YOU LIKE NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS? If you have doubts, I’ll try to make you one of their fans. I can’t imagine my skin and hair care routine without products containing mostly natural ingredients. My skin looks far better and is no longer problematic. Looking at natural beauty[…]

Hi, girls! You don’t even realize how many beauty mistakes you make. If you don’t care for your skin the right way, you’ll see the results in the near future. Acne, wrinkles, irritations and other imperfections. Check the proper facial skin care routine. Don’t sleep with makeup on![…]

Do you like to have a lazy day with a book and a face mask from time to time? To me, it’s a weekly ritual, which I have to perform because it provides me with a moment of relaxation and has a beneficial impact on my skin. I[…]

Hello! All girls would like to have smooth and beautiful face skin. Sadly, not every one of them can boast about having radiant complexion that is imperfection-free. The girls who have to face discolorations, dark circles under eyes or acne, can make a good use of camouflaging #FauxFilter[…]