The ‘Ways to get rid of blackheads’ series. Facial Cleansing Almond Paste

Do you know a homemade cosmetic that absorbs discolorations and counteracts even the most difficult to remove blackheads?

I know! And today I’m going to share with you the recipe for this tasty DIY cosmetic.

I have been fighting with blackheads since I don’t even remember when because, sadly, they love my nose. I guess my nose is considered by blackheads as a perfect location and it’s almost impossible to evict them. Naturally, I do my best to take care of and cleanse my complexion, but for some unknown reason my nose is the place where blackheads are really nasty. No popular methods are strong enough deal with them, it doesn’t matter if I use charcoal face masks or some special anti-blackhead stripes – the black spots don’t want to move. Therefore, I decided to give a go to yet another ‘trick’ to combat these irritating skin imperfections. The truth is, this method has been quite a hot subject to be discussed lately.

Facial Cleansing Almond Paste is an unusual cosmetic that has become a skin care hit of many women. It imitates the action delivered by many iconic anti-blackhead products that are widely available in drug stores. Its greatest asset? It’s really effective and… we can prepare it on our own, at home.

Do you want to learn the recipe?

To prepare Facial Cleansing Almond Paste you’ll need:

  •  200g of almonds (usually these are two small packages of almonds),
  •  natural almond oil (cosmetic, not the one designed for cooking),
  •  finely grinded oat flakes.

Preparing Facial Cleansing Almond Paste for blackheads isn’t difficult. You need to chop almonds into tiny pieces and then throw them into, for example, a blender and smash them until smooth paste obtained. It’s crucial to keep the blades rotating until the powder that will create at the beginning, start forming into lumps. Then, add a few drops of oil and mix until you get elastic mass. At the end, after taking it out from the blender, add finely grinded oat flakes and use either a fork or your hand to mix the ingredients.

This paste can be stored in a refrigerator for a few weeks, therefore, we don’t have to use it all straightaway. In fact, it would be difficult because this cosmetic is very efficient.

How to use it? How does it work?

The ready Facial Cleansing Almond Paste should be applied slightly different than regular face masks and peelings. First, you have to take a small amount of it and mix with water by applying it to the face. You should neither rub nor smear the cosmetic but press into the skin. Thanks to this, it reaches to the blackheads. Keep doing this for a few minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Basically, you can use the residues of your paste as a peeling.

Homemade Facial Cleansing Almond Paste for blackheads:

  • perfectly cleanses skin without leaving it irritated,
  • facilitates blackheads removal and closing skin pores,
  • it works without disturbing the natural protective layer of dermis.

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