Hi, there!  There’s no better healing and relaxing treatment than Shiatsu massage. It comes from Japan where people use it to fight various pains, diseases and muscle pressures. The best thing is you can do the massage at home. How? Read in my post. Shiatsu – a bit[…]

Hi, there! Natural cosmetics are a thing in hair and skin care. They’re free from artificial substances, parabens, preservatives and allergens. That’s why everyone can use natural beauty products, no matter the skin type, age or gender. Natural cosmetics – what are these? These are all beauty products[…]

Hi, girls! You don’t even realize how many beauty mistakes you make. If you don’t care for your skin the right way, you’ll see the results in the near future. Acne, wrinkles, irritations and other imperfections. Check the proper facial skin care routine. Don’t sleep with makeup on![…]

Do you like to have a lazy day with a book and a face mask from time to time? To me, it’s a weekly ritual, which I have to perform because it provides me with a moment of relaxation and has a beneficial impact on my skin. I[…]

Hey, girls!  Apart from hands, your neck and cleavage give your age away. You must take good care of the skin so your cleavage stays beautiful as long as possible. Moisturising and protecting cosmetics aren’t enough. Camouflaging, shaping and illuminating make-up is going to do the trick. Why[…]

Hi, girls! The moment the summer is gone, I start taking vitamins. They bring incredible skin and hair benefits, help keep the young and beautiful looks and protect the body from diseases. Since my skin is very sensitive and my hair sometimes falls out in handfuls, I take[…]