Hello! The thing about rock make-up stylisations is that they are expressive and make modest girls transform into nasty she-devils. I think, this applies also to me when I wear Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic. Can you describe yourself alike? What is so exceptional about Urban Decay Heavy[…]

Let me introduce: BRAIDED SKELETON PONYTAIL What is it? What is the braided skeleton ponytail? I will try to explain everything in the post. As always, I was inspired by young celebrities’ hairstyles, spotted on catwalks or in paparazzi photos. What is the braided skeleton ponytail? It’s one[…]

Hello Girls! The majority of brides-to-be prefer having their make-up done by a professional beautician. However, there are still women who apply the make-up themselves and are more satisfied with the results. From my own experience, I can tell you that bridal make-up done on our own gives[…]