DO YOU LIKE NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS? If you have doubts, I’ll try to make you one of their fans. I can’t imagine my skin and hair care routine without products containing mostly natural ingredients. My skin looks far better and is no longer problematic. Looking at natural beauty[…]

Let me introduce: BRAIDED SKELETON PONYTAIL What is it? What is the braided skeleton ponytail? I will try to explain everything in the post. As always, I was inspired by young celebrities’ hairstyles, spotted on catwalks or in paparazzi photos. What is the braided skeleton ponytail? It’s one[…]

If it’s not online, it doesn’t exist. Is it true? Of course, not. But, when my beauty products fail and my hairdresser has no idea what do with my hair, I turn to… uncle Google. You just need to ask him about the bothering problem. Let’s check it[…]