Hi! Still very much alive, pesty in everyday life and currently occupying thoughts of many of us. I talk about hair related myths. How to deal with them, what to believe and what is complete and utter nonsense? If you also have a problem with some wild stories[…]

If you have curly hair, you want it straight. If your hair is straight, you dream of curls. The truth as old as the world. It’s also true about me so that’s why I want to compare: FLAT IRON VS STRAIGHTENING BRUSH. Which one is better? I’ve always[…]

Hi, girls! Today, I’ll show you a few simple tricks for wavy and curly hair care. There will be no straightening or wearing odd updos. Instead, we are going to oil our hair, dry it with a cotton T-shirt, trim ends and do lots of other things. Hair[…]

Hello girls! For some unknown reason I’ve been coming across posts and passing remarks concerning the use of Mineral Oil (a.k.a. Petroleum). If I understand it correctly, many of you treat this product as an alternative to cosmetic oils and hair masks. Does it work that way? What[…]

Hi, girls! I love colouring my hair! I do it every few months, add new hues, brighten, darken… Too bad my hair isn’t as happy with the changes as I am. After first several treatments, my hairdo got dry, dull and coarse. That’s why I made some changes[…]

Hello Girls! Today I’m going to describe you my way to condition hair and body skin in a natural way. I discovered this technique by an accident and I’ve to admit that I’m highly satisfied with the effects it provides. What am I talking about? It’s about soap[…]