Hey! Well-groomed hands – our business card. We want our skin to be perfectly moisturised and nails nicely filled and painted. So what’s with the cuticles – cut, push or leave as they are? If you still can’t decide, in today’s post I will tell you how to[…]

There are two types of people in the world: those who like batching and those who prefer showering. However, I believe that even the second group would appreciate warm water with bubbles, captivating aromas and good cosmetics. This is exactly how SPA centres won their popularity. After all,[…]

Dehydrated skin problem touches many of us. What’s the source of it? The causes can be various, and among them following an unbalanced diet, application of mismatching cosmetics or insufficient body hydration level. Being in a constant rush, working extra hours, having a spate of work and regularly[…]

Hey! Party all night, working until late hours, not enough sleep? Those are just some of the causes of the puffy eyes. The swollen eyes can influence your general appearance so that you don’t look your best. It’s not a problem if you plan to spend the whole[…]

Moisturised hair is healthy hair. If you want to have it, you must deliver proper ingredients e.g. humectants. How they work, how to use them and what hair benefits they give? Look into the post to find all you need. Enjoy reading! Do you know… Let’s start with[…]

UV filter shields you against your skin’s biggest enemy: the sun. Wearing one isn’t just a fancy manifestation of luxury but a must, providing you care for keeping your skin healthy and smooth. Asian women won’t leave their homes unless they apply a facial sunscreen, even on cloudy[…]