There are two kinds of women in the world: those who are the supporters of implementing retinol in skin care, and those who are rather skeptical about exposing delicate faces to such skin treatments. Soon you will find out which “team” I belong to. I’ll use Nanoil Retinol[…]

Carboxytherapy is taking over the Internet. It’s a treatment that more and more women and men go for. Carbon dioxide therapy is multitasking. Nearly all body parts can be treated with carboxytherapy – hair, the eye area (reducing under-eye dark circles), cellulite-affected areas, reducing scars, stretch marks and[…]

Hello Girls! Today we’re going to learn how to draw a perfect line with an eyeliner. Against all appearances, it’s not as easy task as it may seem to be. Also, I’m going to convince you that such element is essential in your daily make-up and can be[…]

If it’s not online, it doesn’t exist. Is it true? Of course, not. But, when my beauty products fail and my hairdresser has no idea what do with my hair, I turn to… uncle Google. You just need to ask him about the bothering problem. Let’s check it[…]

Undoubtedly, blackheads are hated by thousands of women. These are small, black and hard to remove spots which frequently appear on T-Zone. No wonder why we want to do our best to get rid of them because: comedos deprive us of charm and are hard to be camouflaged[…]

Hi, girls! The moment the summer is gone, I start taking vitamins. They bring incredible skin and hair benefits, help keep the young and beautiful looks and protect the body from diseases. Since my skin is very sensitive and my hair sometimes falls out in handfuls, I take[…]