nanolash eyelash serum review

Hi, there! Today, my favorite – the review article. I love to write them. Why? Contrary to beauty tips and novelties, a review is reliable and brutal true. It is a description of something that has gone through my harsh and precise testing. As I am quite demanding, you[…]

Can the shape of the nails tell something about our character? Sure! I didn’t believe it myself until I went deeper into the subject. I perfectly knew that discolourations and natural colour of the nail plate may tell a lot about, for example, possible diseases. However, did you[…]

Hello Girls! Frequently we use various terms connected with skin care. We confuse cosmetology with cosmetics and we add aesthetic medicine to unconsciously mix everything up. To spice up this issue even more, let me add another term, which is medical aesthetology. What do all the words mean?[…]

Hello Girls! I’m fast to tell you that my make-up set has recently expanded itself with a new foundation. This time I decided to give a go to mineral and completely natural cosmetics by Lily Lolo. I bought Candy Cane shade featuring SPF 15. Owning to this cosmetic,[…]

Moisturising cubes

Hello Girls! Do you know what you can use to replace a regular body balm? Homemade moisturising cubes can really work wonders when it comes to body care. If you are curious how these tiny cosmetics work, keep reading my today’s entry. Here, you’re going to find a[…]

What makes us buy a particular beauty product? I often read that women pay attention to the price, ingredients, naturalness… It is not true… From my experience, I know that the aroma is the most important! What do you do after reaching for a shampoo of hand lotion?[…]