Moisturising cubes

Hello Girls! Do you know what you can use to replace a regular body balm? Homemade moisturising cubes can really work wonders when it comes to body care. If you are curious how these tiny cosmetics work, keep reading my today’s entry. Here, you’re going to find a[…]

What makes us buy a particular beauty product? I often read that women pay attention to the price, ingredients, naturalness… It is not true… From my experience, I know that the aroma is the most important! What do you do after reaching for a shampoo of hand lotion?[…]

Hi, girls! I love colouring my hair! I do it every few months, add new hues, brighten, darken… Too bad my hair isn’t as happy with the changes as I am. After first several treatments, my hairdo got dry, dull and coarse. That’s why I made some changes[…]

Lashcode - best rated mascara

For me a good mascara is a product that helps save time and money. And by saving money I mean a product that is worth its price. Probably you know how fast mascaras tend to get dense after two weeks of use and all that can be done is cursing[…]

Let me introduce: BRAIDED SKELETON PONYTAIL What is it? What is the braided skeleton ponytail? I will try to explain everything in the post. As always, I was inspired by young celebrities’ hairstyles, spotted on catwalks or in paparazzi photos. What is the braided skeleton ponytail? It’s one[…]

HELLO GIRLS I know that many of you use mineral cosmetics by Lily Lolo. However, just few know how to apply these foundations in the right way. For the others I’ve prepared a mini tutorial thanks to which you’ll know how to apply this mineral cosmetic. Enjoy the[…]