Hello! You surely encounter this problem more than once: in a moment you have an important meeting/date/other important event and you haven’t had the time to put your make-up on. What can you do to look good in spite of being in a hurry? My method is chic[…]

Hi! To choose a foundation for oily skin is no easy task. Taken into consideration must be, not only the product but also skin condition and the result we expect. Then, how to do it? Read my text and you’ll learn all that. Types of the foundation for[…]

Hi! One of the many makeup accessories is the Beauty Blender. It has various shapes, sizes, and colors so every and each one of us can choose the one perfect for her. However, what is its practical use? This article allows you to learn a few ways to[…]

Precise makeup removal is the first step in my nighttime routine. I hope it’s similar in your case. If not, it’s high time you changed it. Skipping the skin cleansing may lead to many ailments and imperfections. Acne is just one of them. How to take makeup off[…]

Hello! I’m not sure if it’s your case as well, but I’ve got two small cases totally filled up with eye shadows palettes. Part of them is brand new, the rest is half-used or almost completely used up. No, I won’t say that all the purchases were well-thought-out[…]

Hello Beautiful Creatures! I suddenly stopped being amazed by cosmetic premieres. The world of colors remains calm and quiet despite the braver season – autumn which likes mind-blowing, saturated and intense colors (Have you noticed that? It seems to be the same every single year). This season of[…]