How to prolong durability of nail polish?

Another nail series entry. Today, I’m going to describe my ways to enjoy perfect manicure for as long as it is possible. Contrary to all appearances, this isn’t a tough task. It turns out that you need to watch yourself out a little bit more than usually. What are my ways of prolonging the lifespan of nail polish? Here they are.

1. Wear gloves for home chores

It took me long to get used to putting on gloves and I still sometimes forget to do this. Simply I find it more convenient to do everything with my bare hands rather than wearing rubber gloves. Of course, if we need to wash up just two mugs, there is no need in putting on such protectors. But if we are getting ready for having a clear-out and when we are planning to put our hands in strongly dehydrating and irritating detergents, it would better for our hands and nails to be hidden in a rubber glove. The first chips-offs will appear later than usually.

2. Protect your free edge of nails

Would you agree with me if I said that you usually paint only the upper part of your nail plate? From my experience I know that it’s worth stroking with the brush the edge of a fingernail. This easy trick prevents the nail polish from chipping.

3. Apply a high quality top coat

Protecting a nail polish is crucial and I hope that everybody remembers that without a decent top coat on, painting your nails is pointless. Using a top coat is just one thing because if you want to protect the nail polish and harden the manicure, you need a cosmetic of high quality. I can recommend you using Sally Hansen Insta Dri (the one in a red bottle) which is definitely one of my favourite. The gel formula coats fingernail surface perfectly, accelerates drying time of the nail polish, prolongs the lifespan of manicure, and evens nail structure.

4. Stop exposing your nails to damages

What does also damage manicure? Frequent tinkering, nail biting and playing with the cuticles. Try to limit cultivating these habits to the minimum so you won’t be bothered by the problem of chipped nail polish. It’s also worth realizing that painted nails don’t like water. When you put the nails into water and keep them there long, they start puffing up by tearing the layer of nail polish, and then they dry out, shrink, the nail polish cracks, becomes brittle and starts flaking off. Try to keep your hands away from water while taking longer baths.

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