How to get rid of blackheads? My proven methods


Small, black, ugly and particularly stubborn. Yeah, you guessed it! Blackheads are a chronic problem for many women. These appear usually in the most exposed areas of the face and on most occasions, it is difficult to cover them up with makeup. If you do not know how to deal with them anymore and you are out of ideas, then meet my proven methods to get rid of blackheads.

How do blackheads develop?

Blackheads, also known as a comedo, develop due to excess sebum secretion and dead skin cells, dirt and cosmetics build up in pores. As a result, you may experience comedo that is open (blackheads) and closed (whitehead). Other reasons for blackheads to appear may be:

  • upset hormonal function,
  • genetic predisposition,
  • improper care,
  • bad diet.

How to prevent blackheads?

In order to prevent blackheads from appearing on your face, you need to follow these rules:

  • do not use alcohol-based cosmetics for skincare;
  • use lightweight moisturizing creams;
  • remove your makeup every night;
  • use water-based makeup products, free from oils.

Hot to get rid of blackheads?

First of all, cleanse the skin of closed and open comedones, including excess sebum, cosmetics, dead skin cells, and dirt. Use cleansing face gel free from alcohol, soap and other detergents as these are known to cause irritations and make skin dry.

Another step is to restore skin with its natural pH. Use tonic in order to close the pores and prepare skin for further steps. Keep in mind that this cosmetic cannot contain irritation triggering substances.

Finally, apply moisturizing cream with zinc or salicylic acid. The cream will regulate sebum secretion and prevent clogging. Its action should also be to slightly exfoliate, mattify and soothe irritations.

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