Lately have I discovered a cosmetic brand, Orlane, and its new collection Creme Royale. The greatest advantage of these products are the natural ingredients which are said to produce truly outstanding effects. I bet you have to see the outcomes for yourself, but before you do this, let[…]

Hi, there! Natural cosmetics are a thing in hair and skin care. They’re free from artificial substances, parabens, preservatives and allergens. That’s why everyone can use natural beauty products, no matter the skin type, age or gender. Natural cosmetics – what are these? These are all beauty products[…]

Hello Girls, I bet, most of you have at least one mineral cosmetic in your make-up bags. Mine store a lot of such products. My favourite brand is Annabelle Minerals. Make-up done with the use of these products looks brilliant! If you want to learn the advantages of[…]

I’m sure you’ve heard of natural sea sponges but the question is whether you’ve used them? Worth getting one? Why isn’t a regular, synthetic sponge enough? Why think of changes? After all, natural sea sponges are far more expensive. What’s so exceptional about them? Yeah, what’s inside? Let[…]

Hello! There are such cosmetics that can work miracles when applied to our skin. For example, they can cover all skin imperfections, take years off us and fill others with admiration. In my opinion, one of such products is Magic concealer by Helena Rubinstein. Is it truly magical[…]

HELLO! Some of us need cosmetics that will hide every single imperfection. That’s why I decided to try out Ultimate Coverage foundation from Becca to see whether it would meet such expectations. Let’s get the test started! Becca foundation – basic info for starters Ultimate Coverage foundation from Becca is[…]