Hi, girls! You don’t even realize how many beauty mistakes you make. If you don’t care for your skin the right way, you’ll see the results in the near future. Acne, wrinkles, irritations and other imperfections. Check the proper facial skin care routine. Don’t sleep with makeup on![…]

Do you like to have a lazy day with a book and a face mask from time to time? To me, it’s a weekly ritual, which I have to perform because it provides me with a moment of relaxation and has a beneficial impact on my skin. I[…]

I’m sure you’ve heard of natural sea sponges but the question is whether you’ve used them? Worth getting one? Why isn’t a regular, synthetic sponge enough? Why think of changes? After all, natural sea sponges are far more expensive. What’s so exceptional about them? Yeah, what’s inside? Let[…]

Nanoil hair oil

Hey Beautiful Beings! I’m sure that many of you have already heard about Nanoil hair oils. Many bloggers tested the oils and I was truly amazed that these very products are given so many positive opinions. If you are curious my rigorous and stringent tests, and the mark[…]

La roche posay

Hello Girls! It can’t be denied, thermal spring waters and mists are my favourite cosmetics. I take them with me every time I go for a longer trip because they freshen up and moisturise my skin. Moreover, some of them fix make-up. What else does make me like[…]

Hi, there! We’ve already said goodbye to the sun, hidden swimsuit and short skirts at the bottom of the wardrobe and replaced high SPF cream with milder ones. Is there something we can do for our skin? Of course, there is! Autumn is the perfect time for beauty[…]