Hey! Do you use a face toner? I hope you do because this skin product CHANGES EVERYTHING! It literally changes because it restores your skin’s pH balance. Therefore, if you’re dreaming about clear skin, it would be hard to achieve this beauty goal without a face toner. Believe[…]

Hey! Do you know what bakuchiol is? It has been hailed as a revolutionary anti-aging solution recently. Bakuchiol is a plant-derived alternative for retinol. Obviously, it is popular among fans of natural beauty products. Does it work like retinol or maybe better? Should you give it a try?[…]

We talk about dry lips today. This problem bothers many women and men. It troubles me after practically every winter when my body struggles with a slight deficit of vitamins and minerals. Supplements sometimes fail so it’s good to turn to homemade remedies for dry, chapped lips. I’ve[…]

Hey, girls! I’m sure that you, and most girls actually, want hair to look beautiful (or at least well) no matter the weather, be strong, damage-proof, and free from frizz and static flyaways. A hair conditioner is not enough to get the effect, though. I suggest using masks[…]

Hi there! Natural cosmetics are the main trend right now and undoubtedly those have plenty of advantages. Would you like to change your beauty routine and put your faith in Mother Nature’s hands? Allow me to guide you as I do so for years now! Not every time[…]

Luckily, exclusive cosmetic constituents – pearls, silk, gold, caviar or diamonds – are no longer accessible for the elites only. Today even regular mortals – just like me – can use them if they only feel like doing so. Prestige isn’t their only asset because such ingredients are highly[…]