Hello! As you remove hair from your legs before massaging, you should take care of your skin before having make-up done. If you have never do this, I think it’s high time you started. In this way, you will help a make-up artist do their job and you[…]

Hi, girls! Do you know Super Mario Brothers? Of course, you do! Everybody knows it and has played it. Get prepared as Shu Uemura has just launched a new range of beauty products that bear the name of this popular and fun game. Super Mario Brothers Collection The[…]

Do you know a homemade cosmetic that absorbs discolorations and counteracts even the most difficult to remove blackheads? I know! And today I’m going to share with you the recipe for this tasty DIY cosmetic. I have been fighting with blackheads since I don’t even remember when because,[…]

Hi, there!  There’s no better healing and relaxing treatment than Shiatsu massage. It comes from Japan where people use it to fight various pains, diseases and muscle pressures. The best thing is you can do the massage at home. How? Read in my post. Shiatsu – a bit[…]

Hey girls! Today I’ve got a handful of tips concerning face care. All the tips will be connected with one, very important issue, which is skin moisturisation. I bet you are already fed up with listening that you have to drink a lot of mineral water to keep[…]

Hello Girls, Tattoo Brow Maybelline New York is an ideal cosmetic for the always-late and those who have problem with getting out of bed in the morning. Find out how to apply this new product and what effect you can obtain thanks to it. Eyebrow make-up with Tattoo[…]